Lex Contract & Compliance International Oy is an international legal consulting company based in Finland. We focus on providing high-quality legal advisory services to our clients. We help our clients with their most complex challenges and assess commercial, legal, and regulatory risks in their business.

How do we do that?

Our objective is to build personalized relationships, based on trust and transparency in order to meet our clients’ needs and objectives.

Whether you need a long-term partner or work on specific projects, Lex Contract & Compliance International Oy will assist you with your legal and regulatory matters.

Laura Chamak-Nieminen

Laura Chamak-Nieminen is the founder and Managing Director of Lex Contract & Compliance International Oy.

Having years of experience as a regulatory and legal expert within public and private sector, Laura understands legal requirements for business, challenges to interpret laws and regulations and the necessity for companies to be compliant with regulations.

With years of experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating a variety of contracts, Laura understands the necessity of solid and tailored contracts and how to protect parties’ interests.

Since 2017, Laura acts as a legal consultant and provide legal advisory services to international clients, from EU and Japan.